DM's Note #1

An account written from the DM's Perspective

The party all found themselves in Port Ovarian due to their own reasons for travel and adventure.

Party members Sui Szigi, Solus, and Penelope were all encounter by Elias Fetherton a wealthy researcher who invited the party members to help him with his next project.

Meanwhile Zun Shamore and Gorban the Red found themselves getting to know each other at the bar in the tavern of the Scorching Orchid where they met Malik, a mercenary hired by Fetherton, where he invited them to join in the project as well.

When the party finally all met in the Scorching Orchid they discussed terms and headed to the vessel the Urchin in the morning, where they then traveled to the island of Qeq Holm. Among their travel by sea they ran into some ravaging sea turtles but made it our unharmed.

The party now resides on the island with camp set up, and all of them racing to see who can get to the lake first.



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